prcédé pour ajouter des doigtés avec LSR 768


je me permets de vous envoyer ce texte en anglais

how to add fingering indications with LSR 768

- write a voice (only the music!) - be sure to have a barcheck "|" after
each measure (this will force a line break after each measure in
- run \lilyDisplayMusic - the output goes to a file or to the log
- save this to a file called something like voiceIdisplay.txt
- edit this file
  - change all "is" and "es" to "#" and "♭" (your editor will probably not
be able to display it correctly)
  - delete apostrophs "'" or change them to another character that is not a
  - [same with "," (can also be kept)]
  - delete all numbers (durations)

  [maybe a new function could create this output, too!?]

- save this file to up to 3 files, depending on what you want to add:
fingering, strokeFinger, stringNumber
- in each of these files replace notes with its fingering, strokeFinger,
stringNumber, i.e. overwrite letters with a digit or a character string -
you can leave the sharp and flat signs

ce procédé a l'avantage que les structures de la musique (une mesure par
ligne, les accords sont indiqués) sont conservées et permet de s'orienter

cela ne fonctionne qu'avec les \language "nederlands" ou "deutsch" puisqu'il
les notes ne doivent pas avoir plus d'une lettre!


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