You can support software freedom in 2008!

Dear free software supporter,

Today we're stepping up our year-end fundraiser to support our 2008
campaign goals for software freedom.

  Our target is 500 new FSF members or $100,000 --
  whichever comes first by January 31.

Please help us reach our target by joining as a member at
<;, or making a
donation at <;\.

Our anti-DRM campaign and the coming launch of the
End Software Patents Coalition campaign need your support!

You can help even more by:

  * Putting our fundraising widget on your website

  * Encouraging your employer to give back by subscribing them to the
FSF newsletter ($240 annually) <;

  * Asking friends to join (you'll get referral gifts and recognition!)

  * Purchasing a gift membership for a friend or family member

  * Signing your organization up in the FSF patron program (from $2,000)

Please spread the word by forwarding this e-mail or the link to the
video message. Thanks for your continued support!

    Peter and the Free Software Foundation team!